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Relax at 432hz Massimo Varini

The whole universe is energy in vibration.

If this vibration takes its own vibratory rate it is called resonance. The human body also has its own resonance. Every part of our body has a specific resonant frequency. Together all these parts of the body form a composed frequency which creates a harmony that known as the "Personal Vibrational Signature" ... more commonly called "AURA".Just think about how much music, as a whole, can convey through its combination of melody , harmony, rhythm and dynamics: happiness, sadness , energy, melancholy, relaxation ... we’re still talking about " frequency " ... and I find that my music, recorded at 432 Hz, can convey the emotions that I have tried to evoke even more.It’s an album that I hope will make you relax , that your children can rest to, I would like it to bring peace and harmony into your home...

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